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CHALLENGE Storm water overflows from rain water collection system was flooding gardens.

SOLUTION A “natural” pool/pond to use for water storage, attracting wildlife, building diversity and feeding pollinators. The water flow system also functions to flush water through the rain tank storage system to keep it fresh, clean and alive.

Whole Life Learning Center — Design Map

Whole Life Learning Center — Installed “natural” pond (in bottom left of Design Map above).

CHALLENGE Vehicular traffic flows were “cutting” the property in half and using too much land for the drop off and pick up line.

SOLUTION Design a circle drive, pick up and drop off area for vehicular traffic flows then redesign the old drop off areas to make better use of utility flows, staging and enlarging the garden areas. An apothecary and visiting teachers quarters “Guru Lodging” were also added with the additional space created by this design.

Whole Life Learning Center — Flow Map