FBFF is an urban food forest located in the heart of downtown Austin. It has become a shining beacon for what can be done in the middle of a concrete jungle. The success of this project motivated the city to invest in the addition of three more acres of food forest. We worked as part of the design and installation team of this project and currently serve on the board as community advisors and design consultants.

Festival Beach Food Forest — (bottom right in above photo) located in the middle of downtown Austin, Texas one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Festival Beach Food Forest — FBFF is an example of green infrastructure in the middle of a metropolis: cleaning water,
providing recreational opportunities, sequestering carbon, and beautifying while providing food.

Festival Beach Food Forest — We strive to create redundant and resilient systems that serve multiple functions. Here you can see the results of a bio-diverse, multi-functional installation. The food forest provides many positive results to the community:

  • Shade, bird and butterfly gardens and beauty
  • Meandering paths for meditative walks
  • A diverse array of flora thats stores and sequester carbon
  • Slowing and storing storm water by creating biodiversity and building bio mass these systems filter toxins and greatly improve the structure of storm water run-off
  • A community gathering space
  • Noise pollution reduction
  • Water pollution reduction
  • Air pollution reduction