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  • Discover if your property can take advantage of permaculture design.
  • Learn how you and your family can improve your lifestyle, build resilience and redundancy.
  • Find out how your business, homestead, farm or ranch can improve it’s ecological impact and create a better legacy.
  • Explore what opportunities and potential are present.
  • Discuss food and water security opportunities on your property.
  • Approximate investment possibilities and financing possibilities.
  • Discuss google earth map of property, erosion issues, mineral issues, elevation (topographic) changes and regional aspects.

Shallow Dive Consult

  • 30 Minute Zoom Call
  • Google Earth imagery assessment

Deep Dive Consult & Site Assessment

  • 1–3 day Assessment + Zoom Call
  • On-site assessment: walking the property & collecting visual assets including drone footage.
  • Google Earth satellite contour line map.
  • Assess erosion issues, establish best practices, discuss lowest hanging fruit corrections.
  • Establish system installation opportunities, list items by importance, and explore best return on investment strategies.
  • Investigate tax savings to align strategies with wildlife conservation tax benefits.
  • Concludes with a 1-2 page site assessment and strategy to achieve success.

Ecological Resilience Survey

This is a deep dive into your property, homestead and land. We document and evaluate the overall health of the ecology of the property as well as the functionality of the systems. We start with boots on the ground in depth site assessment, client discovery and then assess all systems. Energy, water, food, domicile, food, diversity, plants and animal data collection, soil testing if needed, bio-mass availability, organic matter content, food production and food production potential, commodity survey, foliage disease survey, satellite contour map survey, drone base line visual survey and much more.

If you want to be off grid or build a self sustaining closed loop and redundant homestead or farm this is the package for you.

We deliver a 5-10 page working document that will help get you on your way to explosive abundance and resilience to even the most concerning of climate and erratic weather conditions.

This Survey also includes a Climate Risk Report.

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