What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the design & building of ecologically sound and regeneratively biased systems within which all humans & wildlife thrive resulting in explosive abundance.

Permaculture Systems

Earthworks / Functional Design / Green Infrastructure / Storm Water Management / Engineered Wetlands / Increasing Water Storing Capacity / Bio-Remediation / Soil Conservation / Building Bio Mass

Results of Permaculture

Increased bio diversity, increased water storage capacity, increased ecological resilience, naturally filtered water, reduced pollutants

Texas / Oklahoma / Kansas / Nebraska / Missouri / Arkansas / Louisiana

Who We are


Embracing our inheritance from our Divine father & Earth mother—we are creators. We are artists, designers, healers & storytellers. Life is a beautiful dance of learning and growing through thick and thin and we are on a mission to live rich lives abundant in experience. We play. We explore. We work hard on ourselves and on our craft with close attention on our impact. Out of divine respect and love for Earth & her inhabitants, we intend to continuously fulfill our role in the healing and uplifting of both.

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