Protecting local springs by building watershed resilience in a densely populated Texas Hill Country subdivision

The Gautier project provided us with an opportunity to make a huge difference not just for their family but also to create a working example of how an urban homestead can positively and directly effect a preeminent water resource; The Comal Springs in New Braunfels Texas.

CHALLENGE The Gautier’s had just purchased their home which had been conventionally landscaped. The 3/4 acre property was dehydrated, flat, compacted and shedding thousands of gallons of sediment loaded storm water every time rain would fall. Water was damned up by landscape edging and was pushing under the house’s foundation causing expensive structural problems. Deer pressure was also keeping them from planting gardens and growing their own food.

SOLUTION We designed a system that would pull the water away from the foundation of the house and put the water into vegetated basins to store the water throughout the landscape creating recharge over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. This design filters out sediments, fixed foundation issues and extended the usefulness of their yard. It also created space for many planting areas, an herb spiral, raised garden beds, rain gardens and it greatly increased biodiversity.

Gautier Homestead — Photo documentation of site assessment prior to design installation.

The landscape was grossly dehydrated, shaved and compacted by mowers, flat and shedding all substantial rainfall, full of soil, into Panther Canyon on it ways to polluting The Comal Springs, a sacred local water resource.

Gautier Homestead — Permaculture design map by Earth Repairian

We designed a system that would treat rainwater like an asset by keeping in on the property for as long as possible while pulling it away from the foundation and putting it exactly where we wanted it hydrating the landscape, new trees, rain gardens and more.

Gautier Homestead — The Gautier’s placed a high value on creating a fenced space to keep deer out of, provide a space for their dogs, raised beds, herb gardens and composting system. We used this inset detail to help bring their vision to fruition.

Gautier Homestead — After installation, the spring rains captured in the ground create a lush and productive landscape.

Gautier Homestead — It’s our pleasure to work closely with our clients to fulfill their wishes and needs.